Skin Tags Removal – The Freezing Method

29 Aug

For many, skin tags will appear on parts of their bodies without even noticing they are there. They will grow, wither away and fall off the skin and you will be completely unaware of it. However, they can turn up in places that are annoying and since they hang from the skin by means of a stalk, they can cause pain if you catch them on something.

If you have one on say, your neck this can be irritating because if you wear shirts with a collar and tie, the skin tag will rub against it, leaving you feeling very uncomfortable. Or it could be that you like to wear heavy necklaces which can also rub against the skin tag. All of these things amount to a great deal of annoyance and will leave you feeling the need for skin tags removal.

The Freezing Method at Home

You may find this hard to believe but you can carry-out a freezing method of removing skin tags at home. The term “freezing” is also referred to as “cryoptherapy” so, if you see this word anywhere you will know you’re on the right track. This method is relatively new to the market place but it is a very safe and quick way of removing skin tags at home. It’s also much cheaper than surgery.

When you buy a freezing kit, which can be found at your local pharmacy, you will get two things, a shield and some liquid nitrogen. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you follow the instructions that comes with the kit. If you don’t you could end up damaging your healthy skin. Liquid nitrogen is a powerful substance and you should make sure you only use it on the skin tag and nowhere-else.

This is why you will get a shield. It’s actually a very simple procedure. All you have to do is place the shield over the skin tag and make sure it’s placed as tightly as possible. There will be a hole in the middle of the shield which will allow you to pull the skin tag through so that it rests over the top of the shield. When you’re happy, apply the liquid nitrogen and this will freeze the skin tag. Once this is done you can remove the skin tag and is should never appear in the same place twice.

The Freezing Method with a Doctor

If you are a little concerned about carrying out cryoptherapy at home, you can visit your doctor and request this type of surgery from them. They will do exactly as explained above but you will have peace of mind because doctors are experts in the field of skin tags removal and they will make sure they carry out the procedure quickly and painlessly.

Do remember that if you want your insurance company to cover the cost of this for you, they might not as this procedure is considered to be cosmetic. The reason for this is that skin tags are in no way harmful to your health and the majority of them will die off on their own. This means visiting your doctor for cryoptherapy could be expensive.


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